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Antalya (Turkey)
Rhodes (Greece)
Bratislava (Slovakia)
Vienna (Austria)
Paris (France)
Budapest (Hungary)
Balaton (Hungary)
Rome (Italy)
Venece (Italy)
Florence (Italy)
Pisa (Italy)
Cannes (France)
Nice (France)
Golden Sands (Bulgaria)
Krinica-ski resort (Poland)

Tourist abroad is a poorly studied phenomenon,
though tourism exists for many centuries already.
In several days he needs to examine so many places,
that local people didnt see during all their lifes,
and also to keep forces for a way back home.
Only good health helps to remember all the information
and not to mix up any details.
Also photos help in this : after some time
the information is forgotten, impressions are erased,
but photos remain...
(From one film)

Island of Rhodes

This site was made to ease hard life of tourists :-) Here you will find my personal impressions from visiting different countries and cities, and also some advices : what to visit and how to spend time abroad. I hope, they will help you to save your time and forces during trips and to choose the rest, which youll like the most of all.
I repeat, there are only my personal impressions and thoughts, but it will be interesting to me to know yours, so write to me.

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