Paradise for tourists

the seaport located on a coast of the same gulf, it is the main city of Turkish Riviera. Antalya has very beautiful streets, surrounded with palms and orange trees, large city park also will draw your attention. Antalya is a resort city, so there you will find many cafes, small restaurants, bars, souvenir shopes and oriental market.


There is beautiful green waterfall near Antalya. Dont miss an excursion offering to visit it! The air near this waterfall is cool even in the hottest day.

I advise you to visit Aquapark of Antalya: it offers a plenty of entertainments for tourists: different waterslides, various pools, aqua-bars, cafes, pizzerias, and many other things.

Don't forget to sail on a yacht in the sea, and to dive from it somewhere far from coast: the water is clean and transparent. But I warn you : it is very salty, so youd better dont allow it to get into your eyes.

Ancient frescos

Visit any ancient ruins: join the last centuries and even the last milleniums.

Choose one-day excursion to the Greek island Rhodes: this way during one trip you can visit Turkey and also visit Greece. The excursion is pretty hard: you have to leave early in the morning, and come back very late in the evening, but it is very interesting, so you should try it. More details about this excursion you will find in the part of this site called "Rhodes".
But the most of all I liked and remembered rafting: puddling in kayaks on the fast-flowing river. You will be driven to mountains, and then you and group of tourists with instructor will puddle down in inflatable kayaks on the mountain river, the temperature of water in which does not exceed 10 even in the hot day. There are not many thresholds, but its enough to make someone fall out of kayak at least once (this "someone" can be you :-), and even all boat can be turned over. But dont be afraid: you will be saved right away by your brave instructor, let alone your life jacket. I dont want to tell you everything, that expects you at this excursion, I will only tell you, that youll get impressions, which you wont forget for a long time.


Island, where people live only in summer Certainly, different people need different rest, but it seems to me, Antalya is perfect place for everybody. Those, who like passive rest can find there clean sea, warm swimming-pools, beautiful Mediterranean nature on a background of woody mountains, cafes, bars... And those, who like active rest will find many different excursions and entertainments, I have told you only about part of them. And what about a scuba diving? And walks on horses? And flight on a parachute behind a boat? So, being guided by my experience, I advise you to choose Antalya for spending your vacations, and you never will forget this special atmosphere of beautiful country of Turkey.
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