The residence of Austrian kings

the capital of Austria and a very rich and palatial city with the population about 1 million and 600 thousands inhabitants. Vienna is called an aristocratic city : this aristocracy is just soaring in the air and it cant be spoilt even by crowds of tourists wearing their eternal t-shirts and jeans and with knapsackes on their backes.

My favorite place in Vienna


There is a trams ring in the center of Vienna, the main lions of the city are situated inside and around this ring. Walking in this place you can see many beautiful parks, old buildings and monuments.
And these monuments in Vienna mostly are dedicated to two royal persons: Maria - Teresia and the wife of king Franc-Joseph I. First of them has become famous, because in her times Austria achieved real blossoming. Maria - Teresia had 15 children, however they did not disturb her in operating state affairs. She was also known as reformator: in 1740 she has cancelled the serfdom, has proclaimed obligatory education, has cancelled tortures, has reconciled different religions. Fountain in the park

But the second person was known for her beauty, they considered her the most beautiful woman in Europe. Probably, the Austrians are proud of it till now, because there are many postcards, utensils, pictures and other souvenirs with her image in the Viennese shops. I, certainly, do not think myself the biggest judge of female beauty, but I can tell (hope, Austrians will forgive me;-), that obviously she does not look "the most beautiful".

The most beautiful woman of Europe
I want to tell about her husband Franc-Joseph I separately: he was strange person, especially for a king. He lived in a room with an iron bed and without any bath, giving special attention to his army. However in spite of anything he lived 86 years, 68 of which he was a king. The murrain column
In 1204 there was terrible epidemic of murrain in Vienna, about half of population was lost during that period. In honour of murrain victims and to celebrate salvation from this illness so-called "the murrain column" was built in Vienna. It looks like majestic monument with angels, Saints and latin sentences.
There is a biggest fountain in the centre of Vienna - it is monument to the Soviet soldiers, who have released the city during the Second World War. There is even inscription - gratitude in Russian on the monument near this fountain. Those horses ;-)
Vienna is rich with beautiful cathedrals, palaces and simply beautiful architectural constructions, it amazes you with an abundance of different flowers, cleanliness of streets and parks, number of expensive, splendid shops and restaurants.
To interrupt this wave of my admiration with Vienna and to add a small spoon of tar to this barrel of honey, I shall tell, that a plenty of horses rolling tourists around the city, do not contribute to cleanliness of the streets and freshness of the air :-)

Flower shop

To describe all the beautiful and interesting places in Vienna is just impossible, and to see is always better then to hear or read. So, if you want to feel the spirit of aristocracy and richness (and especially if you have money for this ;-) go to Vienna and youll never forget the time you spent in this special city.
If you want to know more about the capital of Austria, here you will find many books about this wonderful city.

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