Island of Rhodes

Rhodes island

Greek island, which is situated very close to the coast of Turkey. It is considered a good place for rest and there are many tourists every year. I was on Rhodes in the heat of summer, so all descriptions concern to summer time.

Here Colossus of Rhodes was standing For me Rhodes is associated with one of seven Miracles of the World - Colossus of Rhodes, about which I once read in the school textbook of history. And really long time ago this Colossus stood in port of Rhodes, and under its legs ships passed... But during one earthquake the Colossus was completely destroyed, and now in the port of Rhodes it is possible to see only those stone columns on which it once stood, now on them... deers flaunt... Why? As one old Rhodes legend says, during settling island many snakes were found on it, and deers have helped people to kill them, and simply speaking to trample them. So, people have made this monument to thank deers. The fact that Colossus does not exist anymore, certainly, is a pity, but even to look on that place where it once stood, in my opinion, is worth it. Street of Rhodes
Rhodes has very beautiful Mediterranean nature, you pay attention to well-groomed parks, gardens and simply to bright flowers around, which are hanging down from stone walls. But at the same time lack of water is felt everywhere : you notice dried up leaves, faded grass. But if in the city people fight with heat and drought, out of the city nature is very resemble desert : burnt yellow - grey ground, on which huge dusty agaves tower. But how contrasts dark blue sea with burnt in the sun ground! Ancient fortress
Since Rhodes is Greek island, it is quite logical, that there should be some ancient greek ruins. And here the logic appears to be completely right. If you like " to join acient centuries ", you will find here a lot of interesting : for example, real Greek amphitheater (you even could sit on its stone benches, if only they will not be too much heated by sun:-).
Even in the port of Rhodes you can find something interesting : if you will pass a little on coast - you will see many stuff of a sea origin. Here you will find alive (well... once alive :-) yellow sponges, which divers get of 50 m, different shells, corals and... Generally say, it is possible to get something to remember. Night island
And one more thing : since you were in Greece, dont forget to bring home a bottle of real Greek cognac, which is sold almost in every shop there. But to taste it right there I dont advise - in such heat is better to drink cold beer, well... or at least Greek wine. Well if you want cognac very much, it would be better to wait till evening and taste it in some summer cafe on fresh air or in a bar with conditioner :-)

Old town

If you like hot sun, clean sea of the unusual blue, blossoming Mediterranean nature and ancient greek ruins... Well, if you simply want to have a real rest - come to Rhodes and it will never deceive your expectations.
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